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Crystal tableware https://aleks-crystal.com/tea-set/ has always been revered by the Bohemians and is appreciated today. Times pass, and the wine glasses passed down by the ancestors of the new generation become antiques. Such products are very interesting for collectors.

In fact, there are very few people, non-professionals, who are able to distinguish a crystal glass from a glass one at a glance. And this is despite the fact that these two materials have a huge number of distinctive features, for example, composition, manufacturing method, cost.

A glass goblet made by Czech glassblowers is very popular today. And this is quite natural, because it looks flawless, practically. The Bohemia company sets itself several principles that are incredibly appreciated today: charm in every millimeter, perfect work and an exclusive design solution.

Glass for wine glasses is made directly in the Czech Republic, or rather in Bohemia. Despite such accessibility of the material, one should be extremely careful. The popularity of the brand has led to the appearance of fake Bohemian glass on the market.

This Czech brand produces many different sets. They differ from each other in shape, height, volume, leg length and wall thickness. All these parameters directly depend on which drink will be poured into the glass. After all, the choice of products for the kitchen is based not only on the beauty of the products, but also on the functional purpose.

The aesthetic side of the issue is represented by different colors, engraving, edging on the edge, drawings, carvings. All this allows you to visually enjoy the dishes, harmoniously reveal the aroma and taste of the drink.

Bohemia wine and champagne glasses differ not only in volume, but also in shape. Wine crystal glass for sparkling drink is characterized by different sizes and shapes. In most cases, the choice is made only between two options — wide or elongated varieties.

The final cost depends on the material from which the set is made. But the quality of performance and long service life are guaranteed for all types of products under the brand Bohemia.

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